Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sticking with it

So.. I haven't drank a diet soda or had aspartame since Saturday, September 25! It's almost been 3 weeks. I'm not missing it, either. I think water and tea and an occasional juice or milk are treating me just fine. I'm happy with the choice I've made!


Breakfast this morning is:

  • Wheaties Protein Bar- 4 points
  • V8 Splash- 2 points
Total Breakfast Points = 6 points
Points Balance = 24 points

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've eaten a banana and some apple juice for breakfast, and I'm about to eat an apple. Haven't taken pics right now. Kinda busy.

  • Banana - 2 points
  • Apple Juice - 1 point
  • Apple - 1 point
Total Breakfast Points = 4 points
Points Balance = 26 points

Monday, October 4, 2010

Heavenly Hummus

Lunch was as follows:

  • Egg salad sandwich - 5 points
  • Pine Nut Hummus - 4 points
  • Pita Chips - 4 points
Total Lunch Points = 13 points
Total Daily Points = 16 points
Points Balance = 14 points

That hummus was so delicious.. and it's quite addicting. I really need to watch myself with that.

Juicy Snack

I'm eating an apple for 1 point right now for my morning snack. It's not bitter or tart, but has a subtle sweet taste. Yumm..

Points Balance = 27 points

Rainy Monday morning

I figured I wouldn't get up this morning to do exercise.. I was tired and it was rainy and blah blah blah. I was just lazy. I don't know if my morning plan for exercise will work out, ever, because I'm not so much a morning person. I plan to keep my evening exercise plan but just increase the times.

For my breakfast I had a chewy bar for 2 points.

Points Balance = 28 points

Sunday, horrible Sunday

Sunday ended up being kind of a mess. It started with that pancake and went down hill from there. I had a tall Vanilla bean frap from starbucks for about 5 points. Then.. we went to King's Buffet and I went crazy. I lost track of my points there.

Then, I went to Chili's with my parents and Charlie. I didn't order anything but I was eating chips with salsa and queso dip and cheese fries, as well as part of Charlie's quesadilla. What a bust!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breakfast and the unexpected weigh-in

Breakfast this morning was a chocolate-chip pancake made by me and a about 2 cups of fat-free milk. But even before that I weighed myself. To my surprise the scale said 248.6 lbs! Wow! It's not down a whole lot but it is better than it has been!


Total Breakfast Points = 7 points
Points Balance = 23 points

Saturday afternoon and beyond

After those quesadillas at 10:30ish in the morning, I didn't eat anything else until like 5:30 pm. It consisted of a piece of flank steak, cuajada cheese, 3 beans and cheese pupusas, repollo, and salsa.That was quite a bit of food, but I did share with Charlie. That was about 10 points maybe at the most.

Then 10:00 pm rolls around and I'm feeling hungry again.. So, stupid me decides to go to Wendys and get the baconnator and fries and sprite. Ughh!!! That was probably like 12-13 points!! I felt sick after eating that. A small hamburger minus the fries would have sufficed but I don't know what happens to me.

So I went over by 3 points for the day.

Point Balance = -3 points!!!