Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling like a failure and SICK of eating out!

These past few weeks have been the pits for me as far as eating is concerned. I don't know what my issue has been but I just feel like I want to eat all the time and all the bad foods. At work for 2 weeks in a row I didn't bring my lunch. You know what that means. I was going out everyday getting the nastiest, greasiest foods, and wasting my money at the same time. At home was no better. We have been eating out way too much. I'm just sick and tired of this. I feel so disgusted with myself and with my body. I let my progress just go down the drain. I might not have gained all the weight back. But, I'm up to 254. That's bad enough isn't it?

I just want to stop eating out and eat some healthy foods.. heck, even if I eat a can of Spaghetti and Meatballs (which I just ate) that's better than going to McDonald's or Taco Bell for lunch. At least it's under 500 calories for goodness sake.

I feel so unhealthy and fat. It's not a fun feeling at all. It's actually very depressing.

Today I have made a step in the right direction with eating my canned lunch.

I'm trying to improve. I want to just relax about what I eat, but just watch what I am eating and how much. I also need to start eating more fruit daily. I feel deprived of all things healthy and it's time to change this horrible behavior.