Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eating Early

I was feeling hungry so I ate my lunch early: Friday's Chicken Quesadillas

  • 2 Quesadillas - 6 points
Total Lunch Points = 6 points
Total Daily Points = 10 points
Points Balance = 20 points

My Exercise Problem

I don't know why I can start off doing intense exercise for awhile, and then I just give up. I don't understand myself. I KNOW that exercise is very important, and it will definitely help me lose weight faster. But, I don't know. I guess I'm crazy or something, because I'm always feeling lazy about it now. Remember when I talked about those rewards for my different weight loss goals? Yeah, well I haven't hit any goals because I am not doing an adequate amount of exercise. Duh! So, I was reading a couple of blogs and articles on the internet about rewarding yourself for doing exercise. I think this is what I need to start doing in order for me to drop some numbers, because I've been hovering around the same weight now for more than a few weeks. I lost that initial 10-11 lbs and the scale doesn't seem to budge now. It's because of that.. the lack of exercise.

In order for me to drop pounds, I have to do exercise. In order for me to exercise, I need to set exercise goals, and have a set SCHEDULE. If I have an exercise schedule, it will be easier for me to stick with it.

I'm going to be starting school the week of the 11th and I go Wednesdays and Thursdays, so exercise then is probably NOT going to happen. Every other day, however, I should be able to get some kind of exercise im. It will most likely be the treadmill!

This is a rough draft just straight out of my brain right now:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday-
  • 30 minutes treadmill 6:15 am (I have to start geting up early. I just have to!)
  • 15 minutes treadmill 6:15 pm (this time is subject to change.. It will be either when I'm cooking dinner or as soon as I get home or something.. I will figure it out)
  • 15 minutes treadmill 8:30 pm (this will be after dinner)

Like I said, this is just a rough draft. The # of minutes might vary in the morning, if I, for some reason don't get up on time.. or maybe in the evening I feel like doing more.

Also, I would like to start up again with my lunchtime walks of 1 mile. That will help me as well.

Ok, so if I complete 3 days a week of intense 1-hour total workouts I will reward myself. It has to be something small.. like a new shirt. Nothing exepensive, but something cute, affordable, and motivating. Clothes motivate me, especially if they are smaller and I can wear them. :o)

So how's that? This coming week I will plan to start. And, I'm going to keep an exericse log and fill it in. I have done that before and it didn't work but this time I will make it work.

Come Monday morning, I will be up between 6:15-6:30 am and I will get on that treadmill and do exercise!

I'm all set. But you know what this means, right? I'm going to have to go to bed earlier now.. :( 

Pumped Up Breakfast

This morning I went to 7-Eleven on my way to work and got a Wheaties Protein Bar, peanut butter flavored. yumm...

  • Wheaties Protein Bar - 4 points
Total Breakfast Points = 4 points
Points Balance = 26 points

Last Night

This is what I ate last night:

  • Banana (for a snack) - 2 points
  • Chicken Macaroni- 9 points
  • 1/2 cup icecream - 2 points
  • Fruit Smoothie - 4 points
Total Daily Points = 31 points
Balance = -1 point

Yikes! I didn't even do exercise. That is something that I need to get back into because that is a key element of weight loss, and that is my weakest point is doing exercise and keeping up with it.


I must say this tasted pretty good

I don't even know why I ate that icecream. I wasn't hungry after my dinner.

I used an apple, a banana, an orange, strawberries, fruit cup, and apple juice. I split it with James

Friday, October 1, 2010

Panera is starting to become a ritual

Lunch was Panera.. again. So yummy!

Here it goes:

  • Frontega Chicken Panini- 4 points
  • Fuji Apple Chicken Salad- 3 points
  • French Baguette- 2 points
  • Sweet Tea- 2 points
Total Lunch Points = 11 points
Total Daily Points = 14 points
Points Balance = 16 points

And the pics..


Breakfast this morning was as follows:

  • Streusel Coffee Cake - 2 points
  • 1/2 banana- 1 point
Total Breakfast Points = 3 points
Points Balance = 27 points

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tonight's dinner was a little akward: Chicken soup, rice, avocado, and a slice of pizza.. yeah.. like I said..

  • Chicken Soup- 3 points
  • Rice- 3 points
  • Avocado- 2 points
  • Cheese Pizza- 5 points
Total Dinner Points- 13 points
Total Daily Points- 29 points
Point Balance- 1 point

Here are the dinner pics:

I didn't end up eating all of this rice.

This hunger be drivin me crazy

I couldn't control it. I was so hungry. I opened a can of tuna fish and made myself a tuna sandwich.

  • 1/2 can of tuna- 1 point
  • 1 teaspoon mayo- 1 point
  • 2 slices bread- 2 points
Total snack points = 5 points
Total daily points = 16 points
Point Balance = 14 points

I was so hungry I took a bite of the sandwich before I took the photo.

Lunch Breakdown

For lunch I had Panera.

  • Frontega Chicken Panini- 4 points
  • Broccoli Cheddar Soup- 3 points
  • French Baguette- 2 points
  • Sweet Tea- 1 point
Total lunch points = 10 points
Total daily points = 11 points
Point Balance= 19 points

Here are the pictures of my lunch:

Breakfast on a fresh start

Ok so this morning I'm eating a Activia Light Peach Yogurt for breakfast. It's 1 point.

I also decided that I should start taking a picture of everything I eat so I can be even more accountable. So, here's the pic:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's what it's all about

Something that I realized tonight.. Changing your diet, changing your lifestyle is all about trial and error. There is no "fool proof" way in succeeding at weight loss. You just have to experiment and find out what works for you.. and maybe something that worked for you before won't work for you a few years later. I'll admit, I have attempted so many methods to lose weight, and these things might have worked for me, if I had followed through completely.

This time I'm going to try something different. I'm going to try and follow something similar to Weight Watchers. I'm not going to be exact with my calories, but instead I'm going to turn my calories into points, except I'm going to make my points simpler. So, if I eat something of 100 calories, that's 1 point. Now, if the calories are on the 50 mark or over, like 155 or 678, I will round up to the next hundred. So, 2 points or 7 points.

I'm going to play around with 30  daily points for right now. This number might have to change, but we will see how it works out for now.

Also, for every 100 calories I burn, I will get back 1 point.

I think this will be a little simpler this way, to not have to count the exact calories, but to kind of estimate.

I still want to keep certain meals in certain ranges. Like for breakfast I'll say no more than 4 points. Lunch, no more than 9 points, and dinner no more than 10 points. I'm thinking that for my two snacks no more than 2 points each. Then I will have 3 points to do what I want to with. Again, this might change. This is a trial and error thing, remember. I have to remember that too, because I easily get discouraged.

Another thing I want to do is to try to eat lots of fruit for my snacks. Also, vegetables will be zero points (besides potatoes and corn).

I gotta get back to doing my smoothies again. I think those helped me a lot.

Well, I plan on starting off on this new plan in the morning. Wish me luck and dreams of exercise!

Good night!

American Cafe

Oddly enough, I can't find a nutritional menu for the American Cafe, which is where we went to lunch today. I got the Monterrey Chicken Salad, which has mostly greens, a few bits of bacon, grilled cajun chicken, 2 egg halves, and some cheese. I got Honey Mustard on the side. I also ordered a bowl of Cheddar Baked Potato soup, which had bacon, cheese, and chives. Plus, I ate some bread with Garlic-Herbed butter. Somebody shoot me, please! I feel so full and sickly right now. It's not even funny. I'm sure that I ate the rest of my calories for the day.

Tonight, I'm going to plan on doing like 5 miles on the treadmill. No joke.

Words of Wisdom

This is my mom, Wanda.

Here we go again!

I did like 3-4 miles last night (1 on treadmill, the rest outdoors). I ate that lean cuisine, and then 30 minutes later I wound up eating 2 bacon and egg sandwiches.. No comment..

This morning I started off with a chewy bar (150 calories) and a cup of fat-free milk (90 calories). After that is when it got a little sticky..

We went to McDonald's and I got a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and a hashbrown.(that's like 550 + 150). Yikes!!!

So I've eaten like 940 calories of my daily expenditure.


Ok, I'm planning on salad for lunch.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I changed the blog design again, this time more dramatically. Hey, I gotta keep it interesting!! Hope ya like it!

Over Indulgence

Just finished lunch at the Olive Garden. I tried the new Lasagna Rollato al Forno, which is basically just 2 Lasagna noodles filled with 5 different cheeses and rolled up, covered in a cheesy marinara sauce. I ate half of the 840 calorie dish (making it 420 calories). I also had a lot of salad (probably like 700 calories!) and 2 breadsticks (300 calories). So basically I ate more calories from that salad than from my actual entree. Yuck! How unfair is that? Too bad I didn't check the salad calories before I went.

So now I have half of my entree leftover and some breadsticks PLUS a piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake that I will split with my mom. I'm feeling sorta gross right now.


I think I was experiencing caffeine withdrawal yesterday. I didn't drink tea or anything. My head was hurting and I was feeling so hungry... and so when I got home I ate some potato salad for a snack.

For dinner I had a plate of spaghetti, some spaghetti squash, 3 pieces of garlic bread, and to top it all off, I had a hunk of icecream cake for dessert.

I stop and think after I've eaten, and I'm like, "What have I done?" That always happens to me. I do ok-ish during the day and in the evening is when I seem to lose control. What can I do about that? It's like I try to be strong and have willpower, but I always lose.. I need help!

After dinner, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, doing 1.34 miles. I didn't think that was satisfactory, but I felt lazy, and so I stopped there.

The scale said 250.2 lbs this morning. It's not really budging too much, and I guess that's a good thing since I've been pretty bad lately.

I drank a fruit smoothie for breakfast that consisted of strawberries, an orange, and a fruit cup with peaches and pears, and then some apple juice and ice.

Today, mom and I are planning to go to Olive Garden for lunch. I'm hoping that I can control myself this evening and eat a Lean Cuisine instead of a big meal.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Where did they go?

The Doritos are gone. A slice of peach pie is also gone.

I'm guessing that the pie was about 200 calories (it was a small slice).

Running Total: 1450 calories
Allowed: 2200 calories
Balance: 750 calories

Dang! Where did my calories go? OMG! It happened so fast I can't even believe it..

Well, I better do some vigorous exercise tonight.

I told you the balance would go down pretty fast

This is what I did. I went to 7-Eleven and got two Buffalo Chicken Taquitos and a bag of Doritos. The taquitos are 180 calories each, so 360 for two. The doritos are 310. I know, I know these aren't healthy choices. But they fit in my calorie range and I was hungry so tough cookies, ok?

I haven't eaten the doritos, yet.

What I also did was the 1-mile walk with Leslie Sansone. According to the ProHealth Calorie Burner, I burned about 119 calories. I don't know how true that is, but it makes me feel a little better.

Running Lunch total: 520 calories

Balance: 1260 calories!

It's Not Even Noon Yet

I had a snack of Keebler Crackers for 190 calories. I used up 40 calories of those leftover 60 calories, leaving me 20 still.

My actual shrimp salad
I just finished eating my lunch. I had a shrimp and blue cheese salad with vinaigrette. The greens were about 25 calories, the blue cheese about 50, the shrimp about 50, and the vinaigrette 25. That puts me at 150 calories total for my lunch.

Let's break down the day so far:

Breakfast- 240 calories
Snack- 190 calories
Lunch- 150 calories

Total= 580 calories so far
Balance= 1620 calories

And guess what??

I'm still hungry.. So that balance will be getting smaller very soon.

Fitness Frenzie

I was reading Mary's blog: A Merry Life. I just discovered her blog today after seeing that she commented on my post. I'm happy that I found this and I was going through some of the different posts and I found her 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise. I love her motivation. I related to one of her motivations especially. When she says how you will feel after exercise is a reason to do it. I never thought about it like that, but it's true. When you get done doing exercise you feel awesome. You feel like you've accomplished something and that's what makes you want to keep doing it over and over.

I started thinking about Legally Blonde, when Elle was in court and talking about people that exercise have more endorphins released, making them happier, therefore they weren't murderers. Well anyways, that's how I aspire to be. I want to be fit and in shape and a happy person (not that I'm not happy now, but I want to be very happy and energized more than I am). I want to be one of those people that has to exercise and that's always on the move. I want to be somebody who doesn't think about food constantly, but thinks about what kind of exercise routine they will do next. I want to be a fitness junkie and drinking those power drinks and go running in the rain and being able to say "I just finished a 5k". That's who I want to be. Is that so hard to ask?

Sweeeet Tea

I don't want to go into much details of this weekend. I didn't behave too well with my food choices.

However, I didn't drink any diet drinks. On Saturday, at Red Lobster, I ordered unsweetened tea and added sugar. That's when I learned that I should just order sweet tea, since sugar wont' dissolve in the cold tea. So, yesterday at On The Border, I ordered the sweet tea. It didn't taste too sweet, but it tasted nice. This is going to be my new drink of choice. Well, that and water.

I got good feedback on my decision to give up diet soda. That in itself is a lifestyle change as well. It's hard to go to places like Chipotle and get a delicious burrito without that bubbly diet coke. But, I'd rather be sipping sweet tea and not get some weird disease from Aspartame.

Now, if I could just set my mind to thinking that way for all of the other changes I want and need to make.

As far as my breakfast goes, I had a Chocolate-Dipped Chewy Bar of 150 calories and about a cup of fat free milk for 90 calories. That puts me at 240 calories so far, meaning 60 leftovers for later!