Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 1 of Starting Fresh

I have struggled all my life with trying to lose weight. Then, one day when I was 15, I joined weight watchers..and it was the best thing ever! I lost like 75 lbs and I looked and felt great. Unfortunately, this glorious time in my life didn't last long. By the time I was 18, I was up to 215 lbs. (15 lbs shy of where I had started out). Now, at the age of 20, I wish I was back down at 215. After having my son a year ago, I gained drastically. It seems so difficult to stick to a diet and especially hard to find time to exercise.. or find the motivation to exercise I should say. I feel like at times I am super motivated to lose weight, and I follow through with the healthy eating and the exercise and all that, but then it just seems to fall by the wayside. Well, I'm sick of it! I need to do something to stay motivated and distract myself from eating. I love to eat! And I will keep eating something even if I'm full. The madness has got to stop NOW! I want to change my life and my eating habits.

I googled "How to think like a skinny person".. and I found some article about this woman, Judith Beck, on the Oprah Winfrey website. She is a psychologist who uses cognitive therapy to help people change the way they think. Oh yes, this is what I need. I want to think like a skinny person! This article was somewhat motivating to me, and it's true what she says about hunger: It comes and goes. It doesn't mean you have to eat every time you feel it. It will go away eventually.

So... I am going to try and think "skinny" and see how it goes. I'm not promising anything but I WILL try my best. This means eating smaller portions, eating less often, picking HEALTHY options, and not stuffing myself until the button on my jeans pops off. I am going to try and stay "in touch" with my hunger. Maybe this will help me recognize when I've had enough to eat, so that I don't eat too much. Anyways, we will see what happens. I'll keep this as updated as I can!! Wish me luck :o)


Liish.a.Ladii said...

haha . I finally understand!! "Think skinny!"

Christina said...

Lol! Yes, but I need to keep the skinny thoughts coming. Instead, I start out skinny and get fatter and fatter throughout my meal... help me!!!