Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday mornings..

I work every Saturday (with the exception of major holidays or when the doc is at a conference). In fact, I'm working right now. Kind of bored actually. Trying not to think about food. This morning on the way to work I stopped at 7-11 and picked up a Wheaties power bar (double chocolate) with about 280 calories. (Whoa!) I also got a V-8 Splash Tropical drink and one of the Cup of Noodles (which was supposed to be for my "lunch"). Yet, things never work out how I plan in my mind. I ate the power bar and drank the juice, and due to some major boredom I ate my noodles before 8:30 am. But wait, this was before I posted about the thinking "skinny" so I plan to do better through out the rest of the day. I'm trying to think about what I will eat for my actual lunch since the noodles are gone. I want to make a more healthy selection, such as a salad or something that's not too outrageous. Where can I go to find good salads?

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