Thursday, August 2, 2012

Checking In

Today has been good so far. I had my vegan whole wheat blueberry muffins (2) for breakfast and I didn't even snack before lunch time. I ended up at Panera with my friend Fredy. I ate the You Pick 2 - 1/2 Asian Sesame Salad and 1/2 Bacon Turkey Bravo for a grand total of 630 calories. Not too shabby, considering going to Baja for a burrito would have put me at over 1200 calories.

I wanted to share something that I made last night. (I'm all into vegan recipes now btw). I found this recipe on a blog called Averie Cooks for Cookie Dough Balls. It sounded yummy enough and looked easy enough so I gave it a try. I didn't have all the ingredients exactly so I used what I had on hand: pecans, coconut butter, agave nectar, vanilla extract, milk chocolate/white chocolate/peanut butter chips, quick-cooking oats and it took no time really to make. The oats and nuts and coconut butter went into food processor until really grainy like. Then I added in the agave, vanilla, and chips, then rolled them into balls and VOILA! They were delicious and pretty healthy actually (granted the chocolate chips weren't really vegan, but hey I'm trying!) Anyways, check out the link to a bunch of great recipes from this girl!

Now, what can I make tonight for a yummy dessert?

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