Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Back on the Wagon (again)

Well, guys, I'm back again. I know I haven't blogged in ages.. but things have just been crazy. I had stopped focusing on my diet, on my health, on everything.. I think I might have actually been depressed. BUT, something clicked and I picked myself up and got back on the wagon again. I've lost about 22 lbs since June of this year. I'm down to 231.4 lbs. I've come a long way, but still have a long way to go.

There are a few things I want to mention that have helped me lose the weight:

1. It's a mind game. Seriously. If you can train your mind to think you are "skinny", it will work. But, you must stay MOTIVATED. There's all kinds of motivation for weight loss online that can be helpful.

2. Eat until your full. Now that sounds so simple, right? Well, not exactly. It is tough to do this sometimes. But, if you can eat slowly and feel how your stomach is reacting to what you are eating/drinking, you can learn the ways of your body.

3. Fruits and veggies! This is a given. But really, fruits and vegetables help to fill you up as well as give you the nutrients your body needs and many are virtually no calories!

4. Exercise! This is a huge factor in helping you burn calories and regulate blood sugar levels (oh, did I mention I have type 2 diabetes now? I was diagnosed while pregnant with my daughter Sofia early in 2011- I know, it sucks.)

Anyways, these are my thoughts for now. I hope to blog more often and report back more frequently.. Also, I might try doing a "healthy recipes" thing.. We'll see how that goes. LOL!


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