Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not exactly as I planned..

I told you guys that I my lunch all prepared and chilling in the fridge.. and then what happens? Well, my mom doesn't want to eat in today. We planned on going to McDonald's first, but then I reminded her we still have a bunch of Quizno's coupons.

I had Quizno's yesterday and it was great. I got the same thing: a Baja Chicken sub. They say it's less than 500 calories for the small sub, but I got a regular. I'm guessing that was between 700-800 calories and I had a bag of doritos for like 300-ish calories. So, about 1000 or so calories for lunch.

I'm not upset though. I don't think that was a huge sin or anything, just not the wisest. I have my original lunch for either 1. tonight's dinner or 2. tomorrow's lunch. I think I'd prefer to eat it for tonight, but I'm making no promises though.

For a snack this afternoon I will either eat a yogurt or some other small thing. I don't want to eat a variety of snacks because that sends my brain the wrong message.

I'm still having a positive outlook for today. :)

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