Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doing Some Stretching

I figured yesterday would be a complete disaster. It was full of sweet temptations and big plates of restaurant food, but I don't think it turned out to be such a complete disaster.

I gave in and ate 2 halves of donuts. (1/2 from one, and 1/2 from another). At Red Lobster I ate 2 biscuits, a salad with Blue Cheese on the side, Grilled chicken breast and shrimp, and a baked potato with butter and sour cream on the side. Then, the waitress brought my coworker a piece of cheesecake smothered in strawberries for her birthday dessert. Oh crap! We all shared the cheesecake and then later at the office we cut the cake that my mom and I got her in the morning. I felt so full of sugar and junk and it was a nasty feeling.

I also had a few spoonfuls of candy corn before I went home.

For dinner, we went to Los Toltecos and I got the Fajitas Texanas. It comes with shrimp, chicken, and beef, and is served with refried beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream and of course the corn tortillas. It was really good, but I know it was secretly realllly bad.

After dinner I felt as if my stomach was trying to stretch itself. It was just extremely full. Not good at all.

I was too tired to attempt any exercise last night.

Luckily, the scale had not budged in either direction this morning. I don't think I will be that lucky any other time.

I just finished eating 1 donut for my breakfast. I didnt' eat it all though. I ate the chocolate on top and the cream inside, and got rid of most of the actual "donut" part of it.

The rest of today I need to channel my inner skinny. Hmmm...

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