Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yesterday, right after I did my lunchtime walk, I got a call from Charlie's babysitter saying he was throwing up!! Yikes! I left right away and got him and we took a nap until 5 pm. When I woke up I ate 2 cookies, not a healthy choice, but I thought hey, I haven't had my afternoon snack. Then I proceeded to make our dinner, enchilada casserole. During this process, I snacked on a handful of cashews as well as a few tortilla chips with homemade guacamole. I decided that since I was snacking on the chips before dinner, I didn't need any during dinner. So I had 2 servings of the enchilada casserole (chicken, homemade corn tortillas and pinto beans, cheese, enchilada sauce, Honduran crema) plus the guacamole.

After dinner the plan was to walk with Liishaladii, but I was having trouble with getting Charlie to sleep, so we decided not to walk :( Instead, as suggested by my mom, I popped in the Leslie Sansone DVD (Walk the Walk). I first did the 1 mile. When that was over, I did the 2 miles. I didn't really feel like that was sufficient enough, even though I was sweating. But, with Charlie awake and moody, I really had no other option.

After that was over, I made myself a smoothie. I used a banana, an apple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and Chia seeds. It was very berry I must say.

Then this morning I didn't go to work because of Charlie. I took him to the doctor, but I weighed in beforehand. It said 253.4 lbs!! I guess I reached my weekly goal. It looks like the grand total for the week is 8.4 lbs lost. I'm excited about that but my problem is keeping up with it!

I ate no breakfast this morning and I just finished eating lunch about 25 minutes ago. I had a big helping of last night's leftovers with a Coke Zero. I'm really stuffed, but I can't go out and walk since I have to take care of Charlie. I might end up doing the Leslie Sansone DVD again in a little bit, but right now I'm feeling kind of lazy. I need more motivation!! Life has been crazy/busy!

Next week's goal: I want to weigh 248 lbs by next Monday, August 16! Wish me luck!

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