Thursday, August 12, 2010

Green Tea & Orange Juice

Yesterday afternoon I ate a yogurt for my snack. I wasn't feeling too perky. I was afraid of getting the virus, which my mom suddenly got yesterday morning. I started drinking a bunch of hot Green Tea to try and stop myself from getting sick.

At home, I ate a slice of leftover pizza and a big helping of my leftover enchilada casserole even though I was feeling nauseous (how stupid was that?) and I drank some more tea as well. Then at like 7:30 pm Charlie and I went to bed, and we stayed there. We didn't wake up until 7:30 am this morning!! I had to get up and get my shower, oh and of course I weighed myself: 251.4 lbs thank you very much. 

Then after my shower I drank a big glass of orange juice. I guess the virus passed over me. I sure hope so. I'm not feeling sickly like yesterday, at least. 

I just finished eating my breakfast, which was NOT oatmeal. I ate a granola bar instead and am still drinking Green Tea. 

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