Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, What you gonna do?

Yesterday afternoon I had a little mini-binge. I had some blue corn tortilla chips, coffee cake, and grapes. When I got home I was making chicken burritos and eating off the food while I made it. I ended up eating 1 and a part of a burrito. It had chicken, beans, cheese, crema, hot sauce.. Not too bad. I also snacked on some chips and bean dip before we ate. After we ate, I finished up the little bit of icecream that was left. At 9:30 pm I did 4.16 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes, burning 388 calories.

This morning the scale said 250.0 lbs. I'll take that. I realize that exercise is the main component in weight loss. I've got to exercise no matter what!

I had a Chex Mix Turtle Bar for breakfast (130 calories) and shared a glass of whole milk with Charles.

              I'm ready for some serious weight loss, already!!!


Heather Hawkinson said...

Love the picture! Well, there must have been something in the air yesterday -- some binge-like particles, because I certainly imbibed myself! But overall it didn't sound like you did too bad. I think we need to admit to ourselves that we will have those days and try to do it as thoughtfully as we can. I think we're doing that!

Christina said...

Thanks! I agree. Everyone goes off the wagon a bit at times, but we just can't lose sight of our goals!!