Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to the Golden Arches

Lunch was kind of rushed today due to our schedule and we had to wait for a patient to be picked up. We decided to do McDonald's for lunch at the last minute. I looked up the nutritional values before we left, and tried to make a little healthier decision than normal. Yet, things never turn out as I plan. That is always the case with me!

This is what I had:

  • Southern Style Chicken Sandwich- 400 calories
  • Medium French Fries- 380 Calories
  • Honey Mustard- 60 calories
  • Ketchup- 30 calories
  • Sweet Tea (just a couple sips)- ~20 calories
So the grand total for lunch is more than what I was supposed to eat. Duhhh! It's me at McDonald's. Of course I'm going to eat more than I'm supposed to.

Total = 890 calories

I was supposed to only eat 770, and I went over by 120 calories. Therefore I'm deducting the 120 from 150 from my afternoon snack.. leaving me 30 calories for a snack (which I shouldn't want for awhile anyways since I'm feeling like a beached whale right now).

Tonight's dinner will most likely be some kind of chicken and vegetables. I might even do some extra exercise or "extracise".

I hope the rest of the day goes better.

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Heather Hawkinson said...

extracise! I love it! You clever girl you!