Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lunch Menu

My lunch went as planned. Let me give you the menu:

  • Tuna fish (1/2 can)- 60 calories
  • Mayonaise (1 tablespoon)- 90 calories
  • Bread (2 slices)- 100 calories
  • Utz Potato chips- 150 calories
  • Water (lots)- O calories!
Lunch total = 400 calories

Balance = 350 calories (remember I deducted 50 calories from lunch due to extra calories from snack)

So, what should I do with these extra 350 calories? Should I wait and add these to my dinner tonight? I'm not really hungry right now.. There's not much to eat here anyways at work. Or maybe I could add in a dessert after dinner, or a smoothie of some sort? I'm not sure, yet.


Anonymous said...

i just ate chipotle 2 days in a row and feel fat loL!

i want to do exercise but i just dont feel like it...the weather is too hot

Christina said...

go walking with me tonight then!!! it's much cooler. or try to do some indoor cardio!

Heather Hawkinson said...

Don't eat if you're not hungry right now. Save em for later!