Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Scale and Doritos

This morning I weighed in on my new scale: The EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale. I like it because it's really thin and all I have to do is step on and it turns on and gives me the weight. Well, it read 250.3 lbs. I know.. It's a bit up. But I'm hoping that in a couple of days it will go down again.

My breakfast consisted of a 120 calorie Kashi Bar plus a half of a banana (I think we're saying 50 calories for that). So that's 170 calories used out of 300 breakfast calories. That leaves me.. 130 calories to add for later. 

And... I already know how I'm going to use them. I bought a bag of Spicy Doritos from 7-Eleven.. I think they are like 310 calories. Then, I will deduct calories from Lunch because that puts me over my limit.

If I'm confusing you (which I probably am), let me explain. 130 calories + 150 calories (for morning snack) is 280 calories. The Doritos are 310 calories. So, I'm 30 calories over budget. So, for my lunch I will eat 770 at the most.

Goodness, this is like banking with real money. Too bad it's not.

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