Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Counting minutes & calories

Congratulate me! I got back on the treadmill last night after such a long time of not getting on. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought, and the time flew by pretty fast, especially since I was talking on the phone. I had the speed on 2.5 and I did 15 minutes, burning 87 calories. Tonight I'm going to go for it again!

This morning I looked at the nutrition facts of what I ate. I had a Chocolate Dipped Chewy Bar for 150 calories, a cup of fat-free milk for 90 calories, and I ate half of a banana (online it says it is about 50 calories more or less). That brings my  breakfast total to 290 calories, 10 calories shy of the max value of 300 calories for breakfast. I'm feeling good and motivated and energized right now.

For my snack this morning, I have a bag of 100-calorie Oreo Crisps that I plan on eating.

And for lunch we have Tuna that I plan on eating, but I'm not sure with what else.

I feel like I'm at Weight Watchers again, without the weekly cost. The only difference with W.W is that they convert calories, fat, and fiber into Points values. I'm skipping that step and just counting calories. I should have been doing this weeks ago, especially since I had figured out how many calories my body needs daily. Finally, I see the light.


Heather Hawkinson said...

Woot Woot! You Go Girl! That's totally awesome! You're back on track and that is wonderful!! I'm back on track myself. Feeling better too. I agree with you, counting calories is the easiest thing to do. I couldn't stand the point system. It made me crazy all day trying to figure out points, and would just cause more anxiety and another reason to want to eat! Because of your inspiration, I'm going to do the Leslie sansone tape tonight!

Christina said...

Thanks, Heather!! You're so right.. it did cause me anxiety too! Good job. Keep it up!