Saturday, September 25, 2010


I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday since our office was in a training session pretty much the whole day. I had one donut for breakfast yesterday (380 calories). Then I didn't eat anything until like 2:30-3:00 pm which was the same thing I had the day before, the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and fries. That was like 780 calories plus 30 for Ketchup. Then I ate a piece of Garlic Bread for a snack at like 6:30 pm.

Today I have eaten a Wheeties Protein Bar of 290 calories. Today is James's birthday so I think we're going to Red Lobster. Fortunately, seafood is pretty low-cal so I think I'll be alright if I stick to broiled and grilled instead of fried.

I have a $.99 bag of Doritos for like 310 calories. I know that's not a great snack to eat, but I just had the urge to buy them this morning. Right now I'm drinking water and feeling energized from that protein bar.

Hope I will do well today.


Heather Hawkinson said...

Hey Christina! I'm eating my carbs before Noon today and eating low carb for dinner tonight. That helps me lose a pound or two quickly.
I love Red Lobster -- I ususally get the wood grilled tilapia (delicious!), broccoli, salad with red wine viniagrette, baked potato with butter and sour cream and one biscuit. That's 760 calories and worth every bite. I feel mega satisfied too. Enjoy yourself! And tell James I said Happy B-Day!

Christina said...

Thanks! That sounds good, although I'm not a fish lover.. that should be one of my goals, to start eating fish. I will tell him! Have a good weekend!