Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adding some structure

So I was looking at a previous post from way back in my weight loss hay day in August. I had posted about how many calories I should be eating daily to lose weight or maintain weight. For me, 2040 calories consumed on a daily basis would result in extreme weight loss for me. Sure, I would love that and all, but I think that's just a little bit low for me.

This is my new idea:

I am dividing my number of calories that I am going to consume (to start, I am going to make it 2200 calories) on a daily basis. If I stick within the range of calories per each meal/snack, I should still lose weight. Plus, I will be doing exercise to burn up more calories.

The plan:

Breakfast- 300 calories (at the most)
Morning Snack- 150 calories  (at the most)
Lunch- 800 calories (at the most)
Afternoon Snack- 150 calories (at the most)
Dinner- 800 calories (at the most)
Total Max Number of Calories = 2200 calories

I figure that if I can stick with this structured eating schedule and get down to the real nitty gritty calorie science of it all, I should be able to keep myself on track.

Plus, I need to at least burn 200 calories a day which is roughly 2 miles of walking. If I can accomplish this I will be a happy camper!


Heather Hawkinson said...

I think that sounds like a great plan, Christina! I'm going to do the same thing, only mine has to be 1600 a day because of my age and height and all.

Liish.a.Ladii said...

I think I need to do that ! What is the website you went to, to find out your daily calorie requirements?