Sunday, August 22, 2010

Breakfast, Lunch, and What's for dinner?

For breakfast this morning I ate one pancake with chocolate chips and lite syrup. That was around 11:00 am. About 2:30 I ate 2 chicken legs with carrots, potatoes, rice, a tortilla with crema and cheese. It was kind of a lot of food. It wasn't anything special, either, but at least I am full!

I think for tonight we are going out to dinner, possibly to Chili's. I was looking at their nutrtional values for the meals, and most everything is 1000+ calories. Not good at all. They do have the Margarita Chicken and Monterrey Chicken in the 400-600 calories ranges. If we do end up going there, that's probably what I will get. Thinking about those other high calorie foods makes me not want to even go out.

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