Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have a weird body..

Last night's dinner was cubed steak, and I ate like 2 and half steaks, a piece of bread, 1 1/2 boiled potatoes with cheddar cheese and crema, and some broccoli. Don't forget that lunchable and everything else I ate yesterday also. I didn't even do exercise last night because I was straightening up my room, and the scale somehow turned up in my favor: 246.8 lbs it said. Is that possible? Yesterday morning it said 248.8 lbs (and that was after doing a lot of exercise). But I felt like a fat whale last night, and today the scale is down?? Amazing. I can't think of any explanation for that one. I'm just grateful.

Breakfast was a bowl of honey nut cheerios and half a banana with a glass of cranberry juice.

Lunch should be pepper loaf and cheese sandwich.

Not sure about my morning snack yet, but I'm not really caring at the moment.

I wanna go back to bed.. :(

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Heather Hawkinson said...

Grrrrrl! I'm jealous! Must have been all that exercising earlier in the week though -- it's keeps on working! Good for you! Congrats!