Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finally I Come Through

I'm finally posting the "couple-week-after" photos.. Here goes nothing!

Ok. Pictures on blogger are so freakin difficult to post!! Goshhh! If you can't tell, the pics in black are before (they are dated, anyways) and the pics in blue are from 2 days ago. I can see a little improvement. I want to see lots more in the next few weeks!!

As far as dinner went, we went to Outback with cousins/coworkers. We got the Bloomin Onion and Cheese Fries appetizers. I ordered the Grilled Chicken on the Barbie with Vegetables, and mom, Charlie, and I shared a very small piece of cheesecake.

I felt guilty after dinner, so I walked up and down my street, and up and down, up and down, for an hour and a half.. It was boring, but it was good for me, because I did 4.05 miles, and burned 380 calories. I could've done more, but I'm sleepy y'all.

I will blog more in the morning. Gee, I absolutely love blogging! Nighty night!!


Heather Hawkinson said...

I definitely see the weight loss! Good on you! And all the walking last night -- good on you again! You're doing great!

Liish.a.Ladii said...

Omg Chrissy ! I am so proud of you. You have definitely slimmed down. Keep up the good work. Maybe one of these days I will have similar results. Onw of these days...