Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just wanted to remind myself that I am making progress in this weight loss journey (and stupid me, I forgot to post pics again and still didn't bring charger to work..ughhh).

My Journey thus far-

Starting weight (8/1/10):     261.2 lbs
Current weight (8/25/10):   246.8 lbs
Total weight lost:               14.4 lbs

I haven't forgotten about my rewards, either. I'm not rewarding myself with those earrings until I get down to 245. I'm hoping by sometime next week (like Monday or Tuesday) that I will reach this goal!!! I want a pair of earrings. I was thinking cheap ones at first (like really cheap, like $10). But now I'm thinking like maybe $50-$75 wouldn't be too horrible to put on the credit card... would it?? Well, we'll just wait and see what happens with this weird body of mine first.

1 comment:

Heather Hawkinson said...

AWESOME! The rate you're going you'll be there tomorrow!
And yes, girl, celebrate! Get those nice earrings!