Monday, August 23, 2010

Burn, Baby Burn

I just finished a walk to old town on my lunch break. I'm sooo hot right now. I thought going to old town and back would be more than 2 miles, but turns out I did 1.90 miles total (to and from) burning 179 calories. I feel tired now..  Too bad I have to work til 5 pm.

For my morning snack, a co-worker had brought muffins from Panera. AHHH!! Muffins are deadly! But I ate one. I ate the 450 calories one, which is the Apple Muffin. I'm not sure if it was worth the 450 calories, but it wasn't bad.

Then for lunch, we were out of mayo, so that was an excuse to go to 7-Eleven and pick up something. I got the TGI Friday's frozen Quesadillas. There are 2 in a pack and each is 260 calories, and I ate them both, bringing my lunch total up to 520 calories. Now, those were worth the calories. I might pick those up again sometime. So that was my lunch.

I also picked up a pack of hot peanuts at 7-Eleven, which I am saving for my afternoon snack. I'm not feeling hungry at the moment so those quesadillas must have done their job. :o)

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