Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Cafe

Oddly enough, I can't find a nutritional menu for the American Cafe, which is where we went to lunch today. I got the Monterrey Chicken Salad, which has mostly greens, a few bits of bacon, grilled cajun chicken, 2 egg halves, and some cheese. I got Honey Mustard on the side. I also ordered a bowl of Cheddar Baked Potato soup, which had bacon, cheese, and chives. Plus, I ate some bread with Garlic-Herbed butter. Somebody shoot me, please! I feel so full and sickly right now. It's not even funny. I'm sure that I ate the rest of my calories for the day.

Tonight, I'm going to plan on doing like 5 miles on the treadmill. No joke.


Heather Hawkinson said...

You've given me inspiration to do my walking video. Off to do that just now!

Anonymous said...

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