Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Night... or not..

Ok, so I lied. I haven't gone good night, yet. I'm in my kitchen as we speak, making Steel Cut Oats for tomorrow morning's breakfast as well as some Green Tea. I emphasize the Steel Cut Oats because I heard they were healthier than the go-to Instant Oatmeal. I did some googling and found some interesting information on types of Oats info on oats. According to this guy, oats can reduce blood sugar levels and help build muscle.. good enough for me. Anyways, my oats are cooking right now. I'm thinking about putting in some raisins to make it taste better.

As far as the Green tea goes, well.. I could gush about Green Tea all night. But instead, I'll provide you a link where someone has already done all the gushing for me. Try this: Health Benefits of Green Tea. It's pretty exciting to read about all the benefits that one simple herb can provide your body. Remarkable. As you know, the only problem with this is actually following through with drinking the tea everyday. But, I'm on the right track. My tea is done, so just waiting for it to cool down and will put in the fridge. There's nothing like a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.

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