Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home from work and changed into my exercise gear (so I will be all set for later this evening) and I'm cooking a macaroni version of Chicken Parmesan. During the whole sautee process of the chicken and onions I really started getting the urge to eat something. I did actually feel a little hungry, but I really really wanted to eat. Afterall, I did say I could eat something to tide me over until dinner. But what? We have these little Cheese Balls that looked so good, but I didn't touch those. Instead, I poured myself a glass of my iced Green Tea and opened a pack of those Little Bites. They are 4 mini chocolate chip muffins. They are soooo good! They have 190 calories, and Charlie shared them with me. Now I feel like I'm ok. I'm still ready to eat din din, though! Afterwards will be a nice long walk!

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